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Movie theaters in North America generally have open seating. However, given the fact that rent is based on floor area, the practice of having a smaller lobby is somewhat understandable. Since the s, some theater chains especially AMC Theatres have developed a policy of co-locating their theaters in shopping centers as opposed to the old practice of building stand-alone theaters.

Advertisements for Fandango and other convenient methods of purchasing tickets is often shown. Some chains like Famous Players and AMC Theatres have compromised with the commercials restricted to being shown before the scheduled start time for the trailers and the feature film.

Sound interlocks were used for stereophonic sound systems before the advent of magnetic film prints. Movie theaters Movie tickets India and other developing countries employ price discrimination in seating arrangement: A theater that runs primarily mainstream film fare from the major film companies and distributors, during the initial new release period of each film.

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Newsreels gradually became obsolete by the s with the rise of television news, and most material now shown prior to a feature Movie tickets is of a commercial Movie tickets promotional nature which usually include " trailers ", which are advertisements for films and commercials for other consumer products or services.

Historical and cultural factors are sometimes also cited. Most theaters have a fixed cost for 3D, while others charge for the glasses, but the latter is uncommon at least in the United States. Essentially, if the film does not succeed in the first few weeks of its inception, it will most Movie tickets fail in its attempt to gain a sustainable amount of revenue and thus being taken out from movie theaters.

Individual theaters within a chain also sometimes adopt this policy. There have been several prior "waves" of 3D movie distribution, most notably in the s when they were promoted as a way to offer audiences something that they could not see at home on television.

The RealD company expects 15, screens worldwide in IMAX theaters can show conventional movies, but the major benefits of the IMAX system are only available when showing movies filmed using it.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. The first decline in the theatrical 3D craze started in August and September Discount theaters show films at a greatly discounted rate, however, the films shown are generally films that have already run for many weeks at regular theaters and thus are no longer a major draw, or films which flopped at the box office and thus have already been removed from showings at major theaters in order to free up screens for films that are a better box office draw.

There are four other systems available: Likewise, early stereophonic films such as This Is Cinerama and House of Wax utilized a separate, magnetic oxide-coated film to reproduce up to six or more tracks of stereophonic sound.

The number of 3D screens in theaters is increasing. Luxury screens[ edit ] Some cinemas in city centers offer luxury seating with services like complimentary refills of soft drinks and popcorn, a bar serving beer, wine and liquor, reclining leather seats and service bells.

Some films show mid-credits scenes while the credits are rolling, which in comedy films are often " BlooperS " and outtakes, or ost-credits sceneswhich typically set up the audience for a sequel.

A theater that presents more alternative and art films as well as second-run and classic films often known as an "independent cinema" in the UK. In some jurisdictions, a rating may legally impose these age restrictions on movie theaters. Large theater chains, such as AMC Theaters, also own smaller theaters that show "second runs" of popular films, at reduced ticket prices.

Indeed, some films with major stars, such as Gigli which starred the then- supercouple of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopezhave turned out to be box-office bombs, while low-budget films with unknown actors have become smash hits e. This will be treated as an attempt to breach copyright. Admission to a movie may also be restricted by a motion picture rating systemtypically due to depictions of sex, nudity or graphic violence.

In some jurisdictions, a rating may legally impose these age restrictions on movie theaters. The number of 3D screens in theaters is increasing.

Inmovie exhibitors became more interested in 3D film. Almost all movie theaters employ economic price discrimination: During the closing credits many people leave, but some stay until the end.

IMAX theaters use an oversized screen as well as special projectors.Learn about the newest movies and find theater showtimes near you.

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